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Friday, August 26, 2016

Wildcat Construction wins $91M contract for additional Kellogg work

Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. will be awarded a $91 million phase of the Kellogg expansion project.

The Wichita-based company was notified Thursday that it was the low bidder for work on the stretch of Kellogg from Greenwich east toward 127th Street East.

Wildcat Construction expects to begin the project in September. This is part of the ongoing, decades-long push to create a Kellogg flyover that covers Wichita between its eastern and western boundaries.

“It’s a good outcome for the city because (the contract) is going to be awarded to a local contractor that is going to use local subcontractors,” says Roger McClellan, president of Wildcat Construction.

He anticipates that portion of the project taking five years to complete.

The work will happen concurrently with the ongoing construction project around the intersection of Kellogg and Webb Road — a project Wildcat Construction was awarded in June 2015.

McClellan says that portion of the project — a $79 million undertaking — still has more than three years remaining before it is complete.

With both projects happening concurrently, more Wildcat Construction employees will have the opportunity to work locally for extended periods of time.

“It’s bringing our people back home, instead of working out of state,” McClellan says.

The Kellogg expansion work involves the city of Wichita, the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Kansas Turnpike Authority.

Originally published by Josh Heck on Wichita Business Journal



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